Are You Ready For The Long Journey Together?

A beautiful house in a posh suburb, well-paying jobs and a handsome dog – John and Rosanna seemed to have the perfect life many aspired for but only a few achieved. But beneath the veneer of their happy marriage, something unsettling was bubbling.

The couple was certainly over the moon with the news of Rosanna’s pregnancy – however, Rosanna had something more pressing on her mind.

John had lost a lot of money pursuing his lavish interests the previous year, and Rosanna worried that he might end up losing even more of their wealth. She had often questioned him about the state of his finances as he had stopped contributing to the household expenditure since the past few months. It only led to quarrels in their otherwise peaceful married life – as John didn’t want to share any investment details with her. With her job, she was paying the EMI for their car loan and also managing the day-to-day expenditure – but after paying all the bills, she barely had anything left to save. And now they would soon have another mouth to feed!

Rosanna wanted to give her child the best – she wanted to save for the little one and ensure a comfortable life for him or her. But John’s silence and wayward habits were pushing her to the edge.


Does this story sound familiar to you? John and Rosanna are not the only couples who fight over finances. According to a recent survey by ET, more than 50 per cent of families have disagreements over financial matters. The reasons behind these quarrels range from overspending to frugality to the investment choices of either partner. In another survey, over one-third of the respondents pointed out that money caused the most stress on their relationship.

Fortunately, just like other things in life, financial issues between young couples can be eliminated with proper planning and even resolved with discussion and foresight. And that’s precisely what Rosanna did to bring her marriage, and finances, on track.

Let’s see how.


After several arguments with John, Rosanna decided to discuss the issue with her father, Antonio. Hailing from a middle-class family, Antonio had worked hard throughout his life to provide for his family. Many years back he had attended a seminar on financial wellness and was able to build a comfortable retirement nest for himself and his family with the help of a well-respected financial advisor.

After listening to Rosanna, John felt sorry for his daughter and regretted not having this discussion with her earlier. He told her that it was best for both Rosanna and John to meet a financial advisor who could help John understand the consequences of his wasteful expenditure and bad investment decisions. Also, he could guide Rosanna on how to invest her money to generate maximum wealth.

Rosanna quickly fixed an appointment with the financial advisor and convinced John to accompany her. Once they were at the advisor’s office, the couple was enamoured by his caring attitude and friendly disposition. Soon, he had them engrossed in numbers and charts, and John realised his folly. But it wasn’t too late to change, explained the financial advisor. He told them how they needed to manage their finances together and invest as a couple to meet their life goals together. He also informed them of the concept of SIPs and how investing as little as Rs 500 a month could generate substantial wealth over a period of time. With the baby on its way, the couple quickly decided to start an SIP for the future expenditure of the child. They also discussed how they could start over and build a happy future together.


As you can see, finances form a vital part of any couple’s married life. Therefore, before you get married, it is important to consult someone who’s experience in life, relationships, as well as, finances, to set your boat sailing in the right direction and lead a truly blissful and fulfilling married life.

Dr. Celso Fernandes is on a mission to spread the awareness about financial independence and redeem Goan families from the ill-effects of a financial crisis. An author of six widely read books, a popular speaker and a humanitarian, Dr. Celso is always ready to dispense advice to anyone who is determined to make their future financially secured. Dr. Celso can be reached at +91-9422058741.

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