Toilet project for St.Aloysius School, Benaulim

Improving School Infrastructure & Amenities

School Toilets :

Inspired by the nation-wide Swachh Bharat mission, the foundation has been investing funds and efforts towards building, repairing and uplifting of toilets across several community, charitable trust and government-run schools in Goa. The foundation believes that improving toilet facilities in schools is symbolic to protecting the dignity of students.

Playground Development:

Providing some ground for kids to run and play is akin to giving wings to their dreams. Nave Marg Foundation collaborates with school authorities to sponsor the development and maintenance of playgrounds and stadiums for the students to play the sport of their liking.


The bright minds shall not be denied illumination for the want of funds. With this motto, the foundation has been running various scholarship programs for the youth of Goa for more than half-a-decade.

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