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Jayden and Samantha met through a set of common friends, and soon, they fell in love. However, unlike other couples of their age, Jayden and Samantha’s way of expressing love and spending time with each other was different. Both were stoic, humble and private people. So, instead of partying and going on expensive dinner dates, Jayden and Samantha preferred going on hikes and beach picnics. They also shared the passion for social and community work, and would often spend their dates in conducting counselling and book reading sessions at the local orphanage.

Young, hardworking and ambitious, Jayden and Samantha both worked dedicatedly in their respective jobs. While Jayden worked at a publishing company as a coordinator, Samantha was a Business Manager in a large apparel exporting firm.

Hailing from a middle-class family, Jayden had the dream to break the class barrier and accumulate wealth. Having seen a financial crisis at home from an early age, he had vowed to live a financially independent life. Samantha, on the other hand, wanted to make it big on her own – without the support of her wealthy parents.

And this common goal of a financially secure future gave an added purpose to their relationship.

After a courtship of close to one year, both decided to get married and start a life of their own. Jayden and Samantha’s life would have been the same as any young couple’s, had it not been for the financial planning session they undertook as a part of their marriage formation course at the Church.

The financial expert conducting the session listened to Jayden and Samantha’s goals, dreams and aspirations. After noting down a few points in the notepad, he asked the couple about their monthly expenses, assets they are planning to buy and about their present investments.

Jayden was happy that he had been smart enough to save regularly from his salary and invest in fixed deposits, just like his mother had been doing for so many years. Samantha, on the other hand, also spent judiciously, and had a large sum sitting in her bank account.

The financial expert congratulated the couple for their attitude towards regular savings. However, he also added that putting money in fixed deposits and bank account will delay their plans of getting rich by decades!

Jayden and Samantha were a bit shocked as they had thought that they would work hard and save more to be millionaires by their tenth wedding anniversary.

“Cheer up kids,” said the financial expert, “you still have plenty of time to achieve your goal. Just do as I say.”

The financial expert introduced the young couple to the merits of mutual funds. He explained to them that through mutual funds, they could invest – little by little – in the ever-surging Indian stock and debt markets.

“Investing in mutual funds through SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans) is a great way to invest in rock-solid businesses. What’s more – you get the benefit of compounding, too!” the financial expert explained.

The expert told Jayden and Samantha that investments as low as Rs 500 each month can help the couple accumulate lakhs of rupees over a period of time.

The mist was now clearing and Jayden and Samantha were able to see their financial goals clearly. Both started SIPs of Rs 3,000 each month, with a promise that they would increase the sum invested as their salaries grew.

“Jayden and Samantha, if you keep investing as I have told you, without missing even a single SIP, take my word that you will be millionaires much before your tenth wedding anniversary,” beamed the good-natured financial expert.

True to his prediction, Jayden and Samantha were able to achieve their goal much before their tenth anniversary. The couple not only invested in SIPs religiously, but they also made small but frequent top-ups in their mutual fund portfolio, which gave added acceleration to their wealth creation.

On a Sunday afternoon, Jayden and Samantha renewed their vows in the same Church that they got married ten years ago. Their two adorable kids, a boy, and a girl, looked on with pleasant fascination as the couple embraced lovingly. Joining the small family were several children from the orphanage whose lives were made better by Jayden and Samantha. The wealth accumulated by the couple not only fulfilled their own dreams but also helped scores of orphan children in realizing better life opportunities.

Dr. Celso Fernandes is a leading financial expert committed to spread the awareness about financial literacy in Goa. A much-loved author of several books, an endearing speaker and trusted advisor, Dr. Celso, along with his team at Nave Marg Financial Consultants, continuously strive to help people attain financial independence. Dr. Celso can be reached at +91-9422058741.

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