Mangrove Ecosystem

A guided boat tour, for experiencing the estuarine creeks and a guided walk to explore mangrove habitats.Activities during the boat tour include traditional net casting in creeks and traditional crab catching traps.Mangrove leaves and roots will be exhibited to explain how their unique morphological adaptations help them survive extreme conditions.

Khazan Ecosystem

A visit to understand the inner workings of ‘khazan’ ecosystem,a traditionally reclaimed mangrove constructed by building systems of dykes and sluice gates to regulate water inflow. Learn how this self-operating set-up combines highly complex,eco-friendly agriculture,aquaculture and salt panning systems to harness tidal,hydro and solar energy.

Aqua Tech Park

Mussel Cultivation: These filter-feeders are some of the most easily gathered sea food organisms and are rich source of animal protein.

Oyster Cultivation: These bivalves ,rich in protein,minerals and vitamins , can be grown and harvested by number of methods.

Crab Culture: Crabs can be farmed during the dry season and can be cultivated by fattening or by growing out.

Cage Farming: Aquaculture practice where fish such as pearl spot are held and grown in floating net pens utilizing existing water resources.

Organic Farming Practices

Kitchen Garden:  A form of agriculture that involves all-season techniques such as crop rotation,green mnure,composting and biological pest control to grow vegetables.

Dairy Farm:  A class of agriculture for the long term production of milk and processing for sale as dairy products.

Pig Farm:  A farm of animal husbandry involving the raising and breeding of domestic pigs as livestock.

Biogas plant:  The breakdown of organic matter and raw material that includes dairy and kitchen waste to produce a mixture of gases for bioenergy.